Of Marriage and Death

Salam. The excitement of walking the path to the house, shadowed by the umbrella. People looking at you, you are the main attraction for the day, and people are snapping your pictures non-stop. You walk in the house, and you shake hand with your in-laws family. And finally, the bersanding ceremony...

And I just smiled throughout it all. Being the best man, or pengapit, is quite fun, you see. All the attraction that you shared, haha, but it seems that my cousin is more composed than I had thought. Perhaps there's nothing real scary about getting married, I guess, real fun, yeah :P

But alas, all good thing must come to an end. There's been a death close to home, and I rushed back with my father, despite having driven the bloody Kancil for two days straight

There you go, another absurd death. It comes so sudden, at the most unexpected time. Another uncle of mine has passed away, and by coincidence, the houses is just a block away. If this continues, soon enough, kampung will be such a quiet place to be, sheesh. And the family ties will be breaking further apart, looking at how things are going currently. We cousins rarely meet, and only on occasions such as this that we all can see each other

I wonder, when is the time for them? When shall it be for me, myself? I know its real close now

Terbukti sudah lelaki mati lagi awal dari perempuan, adehhhh...


  1. takziah from me.
    but truly?
    apa sbb?

  2. thts the game of life. :)
    think of the positive,
    sometimes dying doesnt mean it's game over, it could be the start to a beautiful hereafter.

  3. hmm, bestnyer jadi pengapit..haha, sambil iring pengantin, boleh cari calon.huhuu..
    ur uncle passed away? innalillah...moga roh nya dicucuri rahamt
    takziah untuk family.

    ur assumption on men and women rther sounds I think

  4. to adiba
    thank u
    his health was failing before, diseases and stuff, but when Allahyarham died, he was actually getting better, it was so sudden

    to lin
    yup, truly
    a lesson for us still living out here somehow

    to Zouq
    thank u
    sounds like what eh?

  5. salam.

    i ah..read your previous post. got me smiling to myself. at last, i was thinking, there actually IS someone who thinks the way i do. i too, want to marry a complete stranger. a total stranger. it's my selfish dream..to fall in love after i'm married to someone. and it's cool to know someone else who thinks as cool as i do - hehe.

    well. people come, people go. mati itu kan dekat sangat dengan kita? doakan saja yg baik2 untuk your uncle di sana. =)

    my al-fatihah for him.

    nice blog, btw.

  6. to max j. potter

    ahahaha. such a notion is inspired from my parent's story actuall, they are the living proof that such thing can happen after all haha
    haha cool aite? :P

    thank you very much

    again, thank you very much
    u have a nice blog too it seems