Leave Me Alone

Salam. I don't care about it all anymore, I just don't care. Even when I'm fated to not meet them again, it seems that they are going further and further away from me. I'm already feeling all alone now, and the way that they are treating me, perhaps it is just better for me to slunk in a corner somewhere alone, licking away my wound and away from it all. Alone...

I guess its partly my fault they are avoiding me. It happened before, and now it hurt more because this time, I really care for them

Sorry, and goodbye

Aku nak balik rumah...


  1. they're not avoiding you ariff, trust me. ;)

    they're just too caught up in their own things back at home these days, if i know teslians, i know we don't forget. ;)

    calm down.

  2. thanks lin. thanks 4 reminding me tht
    i'm just so hurt, and afraid

  3. yea, yea yea. Everybody is sad at the moment.

  4. wonders wonders
    that one coming from u pok deng