New Moon

Salam. I really like the moon, especially when it is full. A full moon indicates many thing, not that I'm being superstitious or whatever. A day before the last time that I am with so many good people was gifted with a full moon. It was so beautiful, I was mesmerized and it made me too lazy to do anything else except for stargazing

Too bad the moon is getting further and further away from us. Back then during the dinosaur age, the moon was so close to the earth that during a full moon, the moon will cover the sky, all glorious light shining heavily upon the earth. Imagine that, heh, lucky dinosaurs. Now I really wish I can travel back in time, so that when I gaze into the sky, I can only see moon, not stars

Eheh, what am I talking about?

Just finished my interview, done. Just got my result, sheesh. Nothing much to tell, I'm not going to write anything about it though. Try asking me, friends exactly, and I'll tell

"Sometimes, something is beautiful when you can't possess them... Farewell, then..." Enuma Elish, line unknown

Back then, I'm used to joke with my nephews and niece that when I'm going to get married, I will marry a complete stranger. I wouldn't be flirting around and get myself a girlfriend whatsoever, and just go straight to meminang whoever I found out to be perfect. And they would be laughing their hearts out saying that I won't have the courage to do so, yet afterwards they would still mention it to me sometime, with indication that they really believe that I will do just that

And perhaps, I will do just that

Cutiii~ Nak habiskan Final Fantasy XII, nak habiskan buku Playing For Pizza, My Friend Leonard, A Thousand Little Pieces, nak tengok sepupu aku kahwin haha~


  1. From moon to marriage. Interesting.

  2. pointer aku teruk sem nh
    ak rasa dosa aku kt ampa la.

  3. to pok deng
    what is?

    to hafiz
    no, bkn salah ko kt kami
    bkn, xdenya pon