Mine To Hold

Lately, I've been wondering, what is it that made me created this blog in the first place? Is it out of boredom, 'cause it was during the era of post SPM that I created this blog? And now, what had become of it? What is the true reason I've been writing all of my heart in here, was it for my own sake, or for the attention of others?

Who is it for? You, or me?

Guess I'm gonna have to set my priorities straight again. No more wondering whether a particular post should be published here, or there. So be warned that, everything published, be it boring, be it unattractive, be it as lame as a donkey's ass, whatever written here next, will be...

Ariff Dean's, not Ariffuddin's

Owh dear, I miss home
And ayat2 post kali nih cam pelik ja bunyinya...


  1. Well this is your blog and you have the rights to write anything you want. Once I started a war with my bloody ex-gf with my blog (because she kept reading and reading my posts so I began to outrage because she left me for another bastard. Plus other lies she had done to me like I was a drift wood knowing nothing about logics. Dah tinggal, tinggal terus lah kan? Watpe nak 'datang2 balik'?)

    Okay, me either. My blog is always from Pok Deng, not from [my-real-name]. Good Morning.

  2. owh i see
    mr would-u-kindly-tell-me-ur-name-plz?-pok-deng

  3. His real name is Dr. Dengsuk Harjogho bin Soten. Born in the small village near Gunung Merapi (Merapi Volcano) and spent his whole life seeking for artic monkeys in the rural area of Trengganu, Malaysia. A former professor who has lost the professorship due to his overwhelmingly uncontrollable short-tempered attitude during the Korok Mung international dialogue 1995. Now, spending the rest of his life by farming and blogging during freetime. His style of writing is merely focusing on hatred and madness towards things that crossed his naked eyes everyday, including his experience and history during his younger times. He will always look forward, walking alone… disappeared in the mist of modern stupidity… and…and… ummmm… and the journey continues.

  4. ohhh x bleh blah
    that's just a bloody metaphor
    i know it

  5. aku jual kuih raye ni...read my blog will you!!k,thanx!!(",)

  6. owh farah
    well, thnkz cos dtg sini
    of course, :)

  7. But everything you write comes from the heart, anyway. So it doesn't matter which part of you writes this blog. It will always be you. Hello. Hehe.

  8. oh Nad, hello :)
    it's been a while

  9. yeah, Ramadhan is a lot busier than I remembered years ago. when I see your blog, oh gosh I've abandoning mine!

  10. is it? when i think abt it
    yeah, ur been MIA for quite some time now