Beseri Boys Reunion

13 September 2008
At MidValley Megamall
A quarter of Beseri boys of Batch 22 gathered, namely...

1) Ariffuddin (Myself, of course)
2) Farhan Elfi
3) Akhtar
4) Shakir
5) Adib Zakaria
6) Redha Mat Top
7) Rajhan
8) Amirul Asyraf
9) Khairuddin Keown
10) Pak Long
11) Syafwan
12) Akmal Rizal
13) Farhan KSAH
14) Aizam
15) Izani
16) Pon
17) Shauqqy
18) Hanif Sofi
19) Shaufil
20) Keown
21) Amin
22) Izaan
23) Zaid Mr Know

After so long, we all met again, but alas, not all of us are here. Even though that we first called only 12 of us, in the end 23 people turned up from all over Shah Alam and Kuala Lumpur. What a day, it was only meant only to be just a normal gathering for the few of us, but in the end it all turn out to be special for the lots of us

Bless them all, barakatullah. Beseri batch 22 forever in my heart


  1. wahhh!!!!bestnya~
    neway,,thx gtaw aku k...
    weyh,,nnt wat reunion kalau,wat yang unisex plak k...
    this is 21st century,,xkn la nk discriminate lg plak!!!
    neway,,we are all batch 22 kan??so we really should hang out some time!!!
    wat batch 22 jamuan hari raya ker...nnt,,ek???
    if you guys are intetested,,kta boley sewa ballroom hotel kt png or kedah,,n then jmpak rmai2...but sumer must pay lah~
    aku bg idea ja...

  2. idea milya best!

    eh eh most of the guys x brubah langsung laa..

  3. dear emellia
    that's a nice one
    aku akan gtau kat dipa yg bertanggungjawab wat perjumpaan kali nih
    moga2 jd laa

    dear miyn
    betul sngt lah tuh