In A Middle of Here And There

Owh yeah, our allowance money worth of 800 plus just came in this afternoon. That solved many problems that I had of lately. Oh well, if I'm a girl, I might go "Shopping!!!" all around, but since I'm not one, I'll pass that up. If I had a lady of worth being around me and loving me wanted to go shopping, maybe then I'll go "Shopping!" with her after all heh

I'm in need of change. I need to change the way I write. The urge came after a few moment of staring into the screen, and alas no new post for the last week. I need to change the face of my blog somehow, but I won't kill its originality. Perhaps just some tinkering here and there, and the least is that it will have a fresh new feeling to it

Well, I hope

Lately, I found myself in this same old stupid problem again. I felt that I really can't get along with my classmates now, though just few days ago I was still in speaking term with them. But somehow, back home at Meranti, I mingled just fine with the boys from my class, yet in class, everyone, the boys and the girls, seems to get the worse out of me. I really felt uncomfortable

Just like old times, I usually went cowering in a corner somewhere minding my own business. That sucks everytime

Just when I'm about to shake of the emo-maniacal feeling, it struck me back again. When will I be truly be free of all this shackles and truly enjoy life as it should be?

I need my mum...


  1. alalalala,,,,,keciannya dia...
    wellmaybe u r too picky kot...kalu cmtuh,ssahla nk cari kwn...maybe jgk ang kna blaja terima org seadanya,,dont just hope tt people will follor ur lead..

    i will always be your friend then...

  2. You should learn how to socialize. I was once a very quiet person back in the school days. I didn't talk much then.

    But, it changed when I was in PLKN. I started to know how to socialize especially with girls. Please don't be misunderstood... it's not that kind of 'flirting' matter. Instead, that's the way of 'how to stir up the atmosphere' know-how.

  3. dear emellia
    im not choosy, but in fact, im the last person to ever be judgemental of others
    its just something else, my own fault here
    but, thnkz nyway :)

    dear pok deng
    i understand what ur trying to say here
    but thnkz anyway, coz my problem
    goes beyond this

  4. Salam..

    Well mayB u need to be solitude..
    Berkwn pun need a break tau..
    Klu frenship y has no boundary nnt resulted catastrophe..
    So take ur time to chill and relax dude..

    You know i love u,as a gud frenn..always!!

  5. well thnkz 4 da comment
    not gonna say nuthin more abt that