Hate Is All That's Left

I really don't know why, but lately I've lost touch in writing, especially in this blog. Perhaps in the case of the worst of the worst, I can no longer write like I'm used to be. There you go, that pessimism that I'm used to adopt some time ago. Its back, and its depressing me like no other and making me more morose as minutes are passing by. Heck, I've started to listen back to Within Temptation, making myself more emo than usual

Hate is all that's left, but luckily, that's what I'll say only in the past

There's this one day, that in the morning I realised that my phone is out of battery 'cause I didn't recharge it last night. Thinking that nobody would ever bother me since it was the norm that I'm the one doing all the communication, I just left it back in my locker. How I did not realize what a bad mistake it was

Later, I found out that my mom and my dad was trying to reach me all day. They had news to tell me, and I wasn't around my phone to answer them... Tambah dosa lagi...

My dad got an operation to underwent on that very day. Later in the night only after I recharged my phone that I knew of this. Gosh, it was exactly during the stroke of the midnight minute and probably my dad was trying to get some sleep after his surgery when I called. Apologizing profusely, I talked to my dad for about half an hour or so. One thing about my dad and me is that, we are quite close and can easily converse with each other

Alhamdulillah that my family is still with me here in this world

UiTM Shah Alam is somehow depressing. I won't tell why so here, as it will no doubt hurt some feelings of people around here, and I mean, really hurt them. So let it be a secret that only I have to bear with, and don't ever bother to ask why. And for me to bear such a burden of hate, of course in the end I'll only end up becoming bitter with everybody else.

That's why, I really need to get things over and done with here, and get back home ASAP and ask for forgiveness from both my mom, my mom, my mom and my father. I've been to attached to Shah Alam for so long and somehow along the way I had little by little forgot about them. No wonder I'm so restless these days, getting the nerve of people that I care, and became so disorganized of my own hygiene and cleanliness and stuff

Biaq la seribu kali aku katakan ini setiap kali aku wat post baru, aku tetap rindu rumah...

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