Finally, I got P license for both car and motorcycle
And just recently, I got a new phone
Really, my life took an unexpected turn
Something that has been missing
Suddenly feels like its there...

Yet, I'm feeling as my youth has gone dry
Lately, I feel old, and I mean really old
And I'm feeling a bit, strangely matured
I'm seeing things like an old man
I even clothes like one
Heck, I even talks like one
I don't like it one bit
I miss being a riot, being a rebel
Not to see reason within an act
Being a kid again, I want that again
Somebody save me
Bring back that carefree, life-loving freak
That I once are...


  1. mana ada org rasa sentiada muda.hehe. IF ada, then dia tua ganyut tak sedar diri.wahaha

  2. owhhhhh yeke?
    xde if2 dh
    mmg ada pon
    org tula yg buat aku rasa tua sngt