Mindless Killing Intention

"I don't have a single friend and I won't be in the future.
I'll be ignored because I'm ugly"

"If I had a girlfriend, I wouldn't have just left my job or
be addicted to my cellphone. A man with hope could
never understand this."

"I'm lower than trash because at least the trash gets

Such is the words Tomohiro Kato. All before he went
into a killng spree and killed 7 and wounded 17 others.

Really, he got my attention. I wondered then just
whatever had made him resolved into doing such
brutal acts. We have heard that some people had
shot people at random because of stress. From
his words, that must be the reason.

But still, come on laa. Who deserves that?

I myself had the urge to just go amok and kills
somebody. All the burdens and loneliness before
me. I always get the feeling that people hate me
because of how I look like, because of how I talk,
and because of how I move. I used to have a crush
on this girl, and when she found out, how she
taunted me as some budak gemok prasan. How others said
that I'm just daydreaming and a fool that don't realize
how ugly he really is.

I'm used to see myself in front of the mirror, and see a fatbastard that no one likes.

Sure, I can run amok and kill some people. It's easy right, with some knife I can do some damage on my own. 0_0

But still, come on laa. Who deserves that?

Putting past my grudge, I went on living daily as if
there's nothing wrong with me at all. And now, I'm
a bit thinner =D and I feel more relaxed about how
I looks like. I also begin to enjoy social contact with
other people that I used to be so afraid of to do.

Thanks all around for my beloved family, without
them I won't be here now, finally beaten the memories
of estranged past, and being someone who can be
grateful for what he has been bestowed by Allah SWT.

"I don't have a friend - I'm ugly"
I wonder, had he been born into this world as a
muslim, he'd probaly have felt differently.
He would have known that every human
being in this world is equal and we are judged
by our own deeds, and not by our appearance.

And nobody deserves to be left alone in this world.

That sucks :( For him, though


  1. aaa~

    what a gud post..

    my opinion eh, u r too afraid to spread ur wings la..

    igt lg time aku mntak esei english ank? ank x bagi pun.. =(

    tapa, people change, n make sure we change for the better..gudlux!

  2. hey thnkz miyn
    4 da kind word

    ps : esei tu aku mmg nk bg pon
    terlupa, plus ko x mintak sama
    sorry all the way though

  3. ehh, no biggie la..

    just tringin nk baca ja, sbb byk sgt compliments aku dgr, termasuk dr ticer ida..=D

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  5. I'm way too attractive but I don't feel like people around me appreciate me for being a human.

  6. ahhh
    pok deng, mind if we exchange places?