After such a long time
I finally got to meet a very old friend
After nearly 5 years of absence
And it was so sudden, he was standing there
But joy overtook the nervousness quickly
And we went reminiscing like there's no tomorrow

My god, how he has changed all this while
He's taller than me (he used to be shorter)
And there's no more jambul on his forehead, ahakz
He's gained some tan, unexpected though
As he used to be so fair
And hey, he started speaking KLlites Malay
No more Kedahan in him I suppose, :P
But still, deep inside that handsome young fellow
I can still see the old Muzammil that I once knew

Ah well, we started talking about old times
It's so sweet to be talking to someone
From your past, especially from the kid's past
We were friends since my Tajuddin era
Which means, we were friends since I'm 7 years old
And so, we talked and talked about old times
Many names came out, and we talked about them
The feelings, the euphoria I have then
And I glad that I made the effort to contact

Friend, good friend is hard to come by
From him, I've learned to treasure friendship more
Well after saying goodbye and promising
To meet each other again after this
I finally realized that maybe after all
I'm not lonely in this world

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