Friend, or no friend?

Hmm, I wonder?
Can true friendship last
If we are so far apart, and
Lost each other's contact?
Will we be able to remember them
Let alone talk to them again afterwards?

Probably not lah
All the schoolmates, fellow camp trainees
We just don't treat each others phone calls anymore
Which is quite weird, considering
How close we used to be then
But now, all that just remains as it is
A memory from our past...

One thing good about them being a memory
Is that when we do meet them again
Both sides really feel delighted to see each other again
And begin talking like there's no more tomorrow :)
That's a nice feeling, and lately
Fate has brought me to such encounter
At Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang
Found lots of old schoolmates that
I'll probably never heard of again after
I kind of glad to meet them again

My dad once told me that
I'll probably never see some of my scoolmates again
That's a sad truth, probably all of us realize that too
Perhaps that's why we shy from each other
But somehow, that kept us bonded at heart
Eventhough we schoolmates of Beseri
To be never talking to each other again
I know, the memories will be enough
For me or them to cherish silently
In our heart...


  1. friEnds...
    thErE was many typEs of frEns..
    kadang² orang yang kita anggap kawan tu sEbEnarnya bukan kawan...
    bagaikan duri dalam daging..
    konon kawan... tapi bila ada masalah jEr baru cari kiter..
    kadang² org yang kitEr tak brapE nak kwn tu lah yang blEh diharap...

  2. yup... that's the sad truth
    tp nk wat camna kan?
    just terima jela kan akak?