Next is... Kelantan

Oh yeah
I finally got word from my Mak Lang
I can join the entourage to Kelantan
Or rombongan, as we say it
This will be my second trip to Kelantan
This time, it's my fourth cousin's turn
To marry someone from Kelantan
And make the family even more bigger

I can still remember the first time
I went to Kelantan in a rombongan
I was with arwah Faidi, my cousin
We both are so lost in translation
We even have difficulties trying to order food
But now, after my experience in PLKN
The mingle with Kelantanese people helped me
Learned a bit of their languanges
Rolled tongue, twisted tongue, hehe
Who cares?

Now that I'm going to Kelantan
I really miss my fellow PLKN trainees from Kelantan
I wonder if I can meet some of them there?

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