I hate wars, really hate wars
Eventhough I'm still very young
And haven't really went through a real war
I can tell everybody I meet
I bloody hate wars
First people dies, then the nature dies
War only results in despair and sadness
And it won't just effect the parties involved
It will also effect the world

We all Malaysians have seen what
The raise of petrol oil price can do to us
Imagine if somewhere the wars break out
It will surely cause tremendous damages everywhere
And if the wars revolve around petrol oil countries
Surely the petrol oil price will go up abruptly
And we will be forced to pay ridiculous sum of money
Just to have transportation
Not only that, goods price will also go up as well
It will be a bloody disaster then

Now some fucking damn israelis said that
They are ready to attack Iran anytime now
Bloody caused an uproar everywhere
And the price for a can of petrol oil went up
About 168$ worth of sum
And about RM 400 in our currency
Yet, the war still hasn't started yet
Imagine what will happen next...

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