Tribute to a friend

You know, the guy I'm about to talk about
here might just don't give a dam^ about
the bulletin here, nor will he ever read it
but still,
I feel obliged to write
to those who want to continue reading
please, go on, but if u
think this is another crap,
and won't read it,
I wouldn't mind a bit

he was what I call him
"accidental parasite"
he actually studied in the same school
with me, elementary, junior high
joined me even at MJSC B
all of my adolescene years
lots of memory, sad n happy
it included many appearance of his face
can't help it, but that's
the way it goes

he hurt me a lot, all those years
I can still remember how he
broke the trust I had in him
he revealed who I had crush with
n I spend a year holding my cheek
from turning red hot of shame
I guess that's what caused
turbulence in our friendship
for about 3 years, yeah
we still talk, but not like what
it used to be
but looking back, it was for nothing
all those anger, all those resentment
he and I were just fine in MJSC B
if only it hadn't been sour back then
then time at MJSC B would have been
more meaningful, more memorable

but it is me who is known
as the heart breaker, not him
thinking back, I've hurt
lots of other, more than I could remember
but I remember him, there
making up 4 me, apologizing
he was actually good with word
especially with the girls
where I suck at, n it happen 2 be
I hurt most girl I knew during
those years as kid
he was the one who
makes up everything 4 me
everything that I couldn't have done

all these years, he was with me
through thick n thin
even during the time we almost
never speak 2 each other
all these years, I tend 2
forget about him
I thought that this one guy
was my best friend ever
when what he did was dissapear
suddenly when I'm 14,
only 2 be found again later in life
said hi and then nothing again
then this girl
that I finally believe would be
someone that I could talk with
a friend that will always be there 4 me
but just end up hating me
but he, this guy that stayed with me
the one that I overlooked
was there everytime
giving his full support 2 me
while I wasted my life
on a guy n a girl that
just fed me painful friendship
he was just... there 4 me
what a pity, that
never b4 I realised it
but just now

syukran, he's still there
with me, still giving his support
though he is nonchalant about it
I just know he's there
though he won't reply my message
cause he's busy with girls
he's there, listening
though he won't go out with me
cause I can't blend in with his friend
he still invite me to his house
though he won't share girls' number
with me (which sucks!:P)
he won't steal a gf of mine
should I have one

Li, man
ur such a diamond
no wonder ur so famous with girls
especially with our juniors!
hahahahahaha :P

ndjmldn, friend? perhaps

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