The Babysitter

"Dean, I'm tired" Ariff whined sleepily.

We have been over at The Curve for lots of shopping.

Seeing that and seeing this, everything.

All the people around, greeting you politely.

Back at the car, Mim was cuddling him to sleep.

"Come on Ariff, I'll lay you down" Mim picked Ariff up.

"Maybe, we should go back, its late already" I told them.

"No, not now" snapped Fira.

"Yeah, no way, not right now" whined Cloud.

"Look at the time, you guys should really sleep" I said.

"Well, there's still some time for a visit around town" Mim suggested.

I looked over at her quizzically.

"Come on now, why not?" Mim said lower.

"Its late already, gonna send them to the hotel..." I protested.

"You can drop them at my house" Mim said with a glance at the kid.

"You sure? We'll just trouble you..." I'm still not convinced.

A hush from Mim decided the matter, before I could say anything else.

"And you can come too" Mim smiled.

I had extra clothes in my trunk.

But not the kids, yet they don't seem to be troubled at all.

Gee, whatever then.

"You had quite a big house here" I mentioned to Mim.

"Well, its not really mine, but still..." she ran off somewhere.

"Dean, where are you going to sleep tonight?" Ariff tugged me from behind.

"I don't know, why?" I asked him.

"Can you sleep with me" Ariff put up an adoring cute child's eye.

"No, no way" I am not going to be fooled by that eye, yet.

"Come on, it did be nice of you" Mim gestured.

I turned my head away, bad mistake.

"Owhh, why do you pinched me?!" I yelped in pain.

"Come on Dean, be a dear tonight?" Mim stared right through my eyes.

I swear, I saw Ariff smiling ear to ear.

Before I could say anything else, she pushed both me and Ariff into a room.

"Have fun, both of you" Mim said and slammed shut the door.

I woke up late.

Worse still, Mim woke me.

Worst, the kids are gone.

"Where are they?!" I frantically looked around.

"Hey relax, somebody took them already" Mim nonchalantly said.

"I told Yus we are here" Ariff announced.

"What? Oh yeah, okay then, huh you're still here?" I asked him.

"You're my guardian, aren't you?" Ariff said.

"Yeah" Mim left us.

"Oh well, let's go back then" I gestured.

I took Ariff to the car, and left Light Residence.

Mim was nowhere to be seen.

Back at the hotel, I was scolded by the boss.

Fortunately, Yus backed me up with the details.

The kids sure had their fun.

And Mim had asked for it.

She's no ordinary girl.

Anyway, I was left unpunished by the boss, lucky me.

He's more angry at her daughter, after last day's incident.

"Haha, just whatever happened yesterday Dean?" Yus asked me.

"Took the kids outside, the usual" I was tired.

"She's not on the plan, isn't it?" Yus inquired further.

"Never" I sighed.

"You know, she really do like kids" Yus pondered on.

"Yeah, whatever" I sighed again.

"And maybe, you" Yus said with wisdom in his eyes.

"Stop pulling my leg" I shrugged.

"Haha, I mean, like really, she's stuck on you..." Yus continued.

"She just like that kid Ariff, that's all" I said.

"Obviously, because of YOU, Dean" Yus excitedly said.

Ignoring him, I went to the cafeteria.

I sat there until evening.

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