And it feels just like yesterday since I last strolled around Beseri
The thoughts, the smell, the sight, the feel of it, yeah, Beseri
I'm talking about Beseri, a place that I went to to further my studies
My home for the last two years, the place I spent my whole life
A place where I can get to mingle with friends, have fun
Learn and learn and learn, everything that I could learn, stuff
Experience new things, see them and feel them myself
Yeah, Beseri, that's what it is to me, technically

What is there to say about Beseri?
Most people don't even know where on earth it is situated
(That's Perlis, for your information)
The first time I got my offer letter from MARA
First thing that I ask myself is, honestly, where's Beseri anyway?
Not to mention the fact that I, honestly lah, don't know what kind of school is MJSC
The real reason I even applied to one is cause my father told me so
Guess I'm such a fool then, so I just went along with that
With utter stupid ignorance to what I'm going through next
I braced myself to MJSC Beseri, with the knowledge that
This will be my first time to go to a boarding school, of a kind anyway

What's to say when I first arrived at MJSC Beseri?
Tell you what, I can't even remember what Beseri even look like
I was just plain bloody nervous, and excited at the same time, which is freaky
Something occurred to me, I'll be leaving my home for the first time
The safety, the warmth, the comfort, all the games, freedom, if there is some
All will be left behind, no more my mama and ayah to call upon
You can tell, I smiled a lot that day, nervousness got the best of me
I was desperate to find a familiar face, to start something uncertain at Beseri
Luckily, some friends do came along with me here, from SMK Jitra
I was relieved, I mean like, at least I do know somebody

With that put aside, more surprises came along after that
Anybody ever heard of preps? Anyone? Well I don't
Totally, like, everything is changing for me, never before I, studied like that
And the homeroom system, that foster family stuff of students and teacher
Which kind of turned out quite nice after some while, bless them all
And yeah, the club system, its totally gone haywire for me
Guess creativity still didn't quite touched my life yet?
And I learned of the way education goes on there
More like a university, very much different from my past experience
Heh, but I guess, its just culture shock, yeah?

Beseri suddenly became very beautiful
Never before have I took my time to look around this magnificent Earth's Eden
There's one time when I woke up, that mountain stood stoutly there
That beautiful mountain, which made me realize, I've never been so close to a mountain before
And, and, the trees that strategically sprouts everywhere around Beseri
Was truly an apple to the eyes, and a pacifier for an uneasy heart
Not forgetting to mention the clouds, wonderfully flying up there
When I lie tackled on the field, I felt like I'm watching a new kind of world there
A world of clouds, where everything is oh so dear beautiful, and free
Add all these elements up, perhaps, just perhaps, you just gotten yourself
The best studying place ever in the world
Though I've yet to witness the world so far
Beseri will be standing tough on my number one list

Life at Beseri, was entertaining, miserable, and also enlightening
I had lots of fun at Beseri, like no other I've felt before
For the first time, I played rugby, archery, basketball
All the experience, the fun, was priceless, I won't exchange it with anything
And the activities held there, numerous of them, can't name all
It was like no other, would I still be stuck at SMK Jitra, perhaps all this won't happen
And yet, life there was also damn torturing to the soul
Being far from home, you tend to get real lonely, real lonely, I tell you
And living with almost 400 other people, bad things can happen real fast
And our freedom was tighten to the max, lots of complaining can be heard
The bloody homework, the bloody tests, the bloody bad results

All those fun, all those sufferings, between all that
I got something else very important here
Here, at Beseri, I found nuur inside my heart
The true way of Islam was finding its way into my heart
Before Beseri, I only know of the way to pray to ALLAH SWT
And even though I can read Al-Quran, I rarely do so
I didn't know of men and women's aurat before, the true concept of it
Alhamdulillah, I was guided towards the true ways of Islam at Beseri
I learned more about our brothers and sisters suffering at Palestine at the hand of damn Israelis
I learned more about solat, the reason I do it, and solat sunat that I never even heard of
I learned more about Al-Quran, the meaning of it, and the necessity to read it everyday
Of all the virtues of staying at Beseri, this is the most important to me
Beseri is the place where ALLAH Almighty has given me another chance in life
Another chance to improve my life, and to be given better understanding of Islam

Beseri, there's just too many to describe about it
Given the opportunity, I could write a book about it
But this pretty much describe what's Beseri to me
There's still much to talk about
But I'll take my leave here
To my friends from MJSC Beseri, if you do read until this point
Know this, I'm head over heels missing you guys?!
Haha, I could've cried, but anywayyy
Contact me, message me, whatever, just let me know how you're doing now
It'll do good to me

One thing, I realized that I'm pretty much slimmer now
Rather than I am before going to Beseri
Don't you think that is just amazing?
Well gotta stop now, no more stupidly flattering myself now :P

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