Survey numero uno

Sometimes, survey is the best way to describe your feelings at the moment
Save the bla3s, more direct to the point
So here we go...

Have you ever said, you would never
love again?
#Twice already this year, but my mind changes so easily

Is there anything bothering you right
#I'm missing Kedah and Johor

Is there something you wanna let go of?
#Certainly, as hard as it may be

Do the old songs you had in your past
really remind you of the memories?
#yeah, I grew up with music, nasyid, blues, r&b, jazz, crooning stuff

How important is trust?

Is crying a sign of weakness?
#crying is reaction where our body can no longer hold our tears from bursting out of their bladder, terrible things do this to our body, not weaknesses

Do you always regret?
#quite a lot, :(

Do you find your ex gf/bf good looking?

What will you do if you re stuck in the
elevator with someone you don't like?
#I don't know...

Have you ever wanted someone but you
can’t have him/her?
#surely do, can't be helped

Have you ever said I love you but you
#no, not yet

Would you ever want to go back in the
#that will be a troublesome matter, no

Do you really wanna please everybody?
#go to hell with everybody, hehe, just joking :P

Is waiting ever okay?
#entahlaa, no comment

Right now, where do you wanna be?
#Kedah and Johor, either one will be good

What are you so sick and tired of?

Who made you smile today?
#Elsa Maisarah,

Is looking good important?
#haha, hell with it, but not on job interviews, surely :P

Do you listen to love songs when
you’re down?
#rock laa sucker

What are you thankful for?
#myself and my family

Do you believe in forever?
#I believe in Allah

What are your plans for the weekend?

Do you say sorry first?
#always, unless in an awkward situation, then never

Do you believe that married couples
should still go out on a date?
#compulsory, yeah

Has someone promised you something and
broke it?
#name mentioned here, Fauzli

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