I miss her

2:01 AM...

Oh yeah, here I am, nothing to do, nothing to think about
Which makes my life pretty dull at the moment

Eat and sleep, spend the rest of day playing games
Hitting at whatever I had, I'm pretty much
The zombie that I so ruthlessly kill on Resident Evil

I miss her, but I can't understand why it is so
I miss her, like crazy, my life's turning to a freak ride
Every time I touched my handphone, which I rarely do
I got a temptation to call her, yet I just simply can't
That agonizing truth, the bitter taste of reality
But I just have to accept it, won't I?
No more listening to her siren-like voice of an angel...

Here I am in DU, right smack in the town
Which means I'm really close to her right now
Yet, nothing I could do about it, so close yet so far
And that, really hurts, my ignorance, my weaknesses
Furthermore, I'm going to IKEA tomorrow
Its like shit, you know, cause her house is just around the corner
Yet going there, 100% chances she won't be around
And going there, will just be a meaningless visit
Only another pain to venture to...

I'm not in the mood to write as such
But I just gotta do it
Heh, I really need to move on now
Or else, I could become worse than being an emo person

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  1. haihz..
    kwn aku cm dh angau ngat eh..