Last Night After Dark

I'm seriously don't what to say, or what to write. Recently I found out that I have this little crush, or should I say admiration, for one of the Music students. Today I saw her wearing a purple tudung with a black shirt and a washed up jean complemented by a seriously alike-purple-with-the-purple-tudung purple bag

Bloody, I'm talking like a teenage girl here, talking about crap like this. Studying Phonetics for hours got me rambling on things that I don't normally ramble about

Last night, I heard that one of my friends got robbed and another who's mother lost her car in a terrible event. I don't know what I can say or what I can do to help them in any kind whatsoever, since I'm not that close to them. All I can do is to silently give them a prayer, so that things will go their way again, or at least to help lease their burden a bit

We all take so many things in this life for granted. Even our language, where we often use it in our daily life, we never know or care much about how we did it in the first place. How the language is made so, how they are connected grammatically and in real life context why we speak as we are. Phonetically speaking, that is

Nothing lasts forever. The things that you hold dear, stuff you couldn't care less, people that you love or vice versa, nothing lasts forever. A minute you might me be grateful for being bestowed such a beautiful life, the next you might be cursing at the winds and asking why were you born in this horrifying world in the first place

I had so many things cluttered inside my mind right now, but it won't do me any good to just let it all out. I still need to continue studying and think about how to save my money since I just spend the last RM30 or so for replacing my student card. Plus I still did not print my examination slip yet, and talked to the office about me still not registered for my next semester

So much 'me' and 'I' in the last paragraph, let's mention people that I love before I forget to do so. I love my family, for the support they give to me, especially my sister. Not forgetting my friends that accompanied me today to study Phonetics together, it's been such a long time since I sat down with people to study together, for it is such a damn nice feeling

Oh yeah, friends that invited me to watch movie with them last night, Wednesday night, 27th of October. I remembered that they promised me to go watch movie with them again before, and they did, last night, Wednesday night, 27th of October

Kan? Kan? Kan?

Oh whatever jela. Need to go to continue studying now before I start screaming like a monkey~

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