silence. everywhere around him is fading darkness. drowning him further and further down to the bottom of something that he couldn't even make out how far. he finds it harder and harder to breath with each passing seconds, his chest feels like it is about to explode

he closes his eyes in an unwilling resignation. perhaps there's simply no way out of this. he decides to just let it go, to let the shaking sensation of your soul being sucked away to take its place. to die, at this time, seems like the only option

just when he lets it all go, when he feels like there's nothing left inside of him, suddenly it comes to him. the realization of everything, the answer that he has sought after all his entire life. it was bitter, it was sweet. but there's nothing else to be done, because he is dying, after all

the light has nearly faded away entirely. even the gushing sound of water rushing into his lungs is no longer audible. his eyes automatically opens up, though the surrounding environment doesn't entertain anything worth seeing anymore. total darkness, and total silence

with the last flicker of his soul, he says a last wish from his dying heart. though he knows it won't matter anymore, though he knows nobody can't listen anymore, his heart beat for the last time...

"i wish, that you would understand me, as much as i wish that i would understand you..."

total darkness, and total silence. a perfect reflection of him, empty and meaningless. he's no more of what he's used to be called as. and finally alone in the bottom of the darkness, he finally gets what he both wished for, and dreaded for

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