Friends Forever

Boleh aku tanya something tak?
Hah, tanya jela
What is uhh...
Erm, what do you really feel about me?
...As a friend, of course
A... friend ehh?
Yup! =)
Oh, okay...
Haa, nape?
Haha, it's nothing lah~! So like, we are friends kan?
Yup, kawan. Heee~

Friends forever aite?
Friends forever

Last night was such a blast. It was the second time the whole class went out together. Ayamas and playing football and aci ligan at the big green field. Karaoke-ing till our throats gone sore, Sheila on 7's Melompat Lebih Tinggi for the climax. Cam whoring at I-City where we went there just by walking

Of course, she was also there. Usually there would be an extreme awkwardness stemming in the air whenever I can feel her presence, but not this time. Perhaps it is because Psychology class, where we were in the same group together. Perhaps it is because of our drama production, where the whole class stayed together through thick and thin. Whatever it is, she and I, we are on speaking term again. She's no longer ignoring me like how she used to

But I know I shouldn't get my hopes up. I know I shouldn't wait anymore. There's nothing left for me. I had always wished that she would stop hating me, all I wished for that we would be friends again, like how it used to be. Now that she's talking to me again, won't that be enough?

Though I will never know her answer, I'll just have to be contend with this. There's just something that I can never change, no matter how hard I try

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