To a Swell Friend

I trust people too much. Not people in general, but to a few that I let my guard down and poured everything to them, even the unnecessary things. With this, I can see a pattern. All of those that I decided to give away my secrets, my feelings to them, all ended up "having enough of me". Tired, gave up, had enough of me and all

And the conclusion is? I'm a freak, a jerk that you will really hate once you get to know me. I don't really show my emotions and all at times, but with people that I trust, I tend to just let it go, spill everything out. And get too attached to them

No, I'm not gonna be all negative about this. Yes, I'm freaking sad that people that I thought I can really believe in and really cares was just curious about my problems and once they got to know the real me, decided to have enough. But then again it is my problem, my own fault. My own personality that needed readjusting

Dear swell friend, you are a swell friend and will always be. Thanks for putting up with the nonsense that I put you through haha. Hope you are happy, I needlessly made you unhappy in this senseless episode of my life didn't I?

PS: Bubble tea still on. Just say the word~

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