Sayonara April

Nothing last forever. Even this polaroid picture, I can touch it, I can keep it safe in my possession, but one day it will also fade away. The colours of all the faces, the fabric torn away by time, it's just the same for us. It is kinda sad, but then again, we can't feel happiness without expecting sadness along with it. One day we feel so high, we would never know when we would fall down so hard. We love someone dearly, but one day we might never see that person again

But for now, let me cherish these memories for a while. Let me cry like a child for just this once, for I am so afraid of being alone. Tell me lies, tell me that we'll stay like this forever, and I'll believe you with all my heart. I just want to forget about the past, I don't want to think about the future, I just want now

I love you. Goodbye April, may we meet again in a different, more pleasant manner next time...

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