"I think, therefore I am is the statement of an intellectual who underrates toothaches.

I feel, therefore I am is a truth much more universally valid, and it applies to everything that’s alive.

My self does not differ substantially from yours in terms of its thought.

Many people, few ideas: we all think more or less the same, and we exchange, borrow, steal thoughts from one another. However, when someone steps on my foot, only I feel the pain.

The basis of the self is not thought but suffering, which is the most fundamental of all feelings.

While it suffers, not even a cat can doubt its unique and uninterchangeable self.

In intense suffering the world disappears and each of us is alone with his self.

Suffering is the university of ego-centrism."

Milan Kundera - Immortality

I see that it will be very quiet soon. Not the serene kind of quiet, but more a quaint, disturbing quiet of a night alone. As if the Spiderman is having you for dinner later on~

I hate this stupid ego. I'm sorry Aisyah, I'm really sorry...

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