Have You Ever Felt Jealous of Birds?

Everyone wants to travel. Deep down inside, there will always be a sparkle of interest of going to a place somewhere that is just not here. Regardless of whether of who you grew up to be, what interest you have in the sense of adventure. People will inevitably in some point of their life, wish upon the chance to escape. Escape from reality, escape from the everyday life, escape from problems, escape from oneself. See the world in a whole different perspective

But just how many have the courage to embark themselves in this little adventure aspiration inside of their heart? To take the risk of going someplace alien to them, with no guarantee of safety and such, to leave behind their work or their studies, loved ones like boyfriends girlfriends or spouses, will they still be there waiting for them question ringing inside of their head. Excuses after excuses, they will just stay in one place, satisfied with their current atmosphere, no any development, nor any regression involved, safe and secure

Say, what if someone stepped right outside by your door step, offering you tickets to faraway places you never thought of possible going to, with only that moment and that day to make your decisions to be on the way or reject that offer? Will you be able to leave your life behind to go on that journey, or will you stay in the same place, content with your current life?

Someone offered me that chance before, and I just threw it away. Maybe if I accepted that offer, I wouldn't ever meet any of all these amazing people that I know today, but then again, I can't just help but wonder how my life would turn out if I were to travel all over the world. To meet lots of different kind of people, to open my eyes to a different view of the sky, to be saying Hello in 7 different languages...

That's just how life is. Next time, I'll fly. I'll fly for sure, with these imaginary wings on my back, my heart filled with ecstasy, my eyes aimed at the furthest corner of the Mother Earth~

Whenever people see birds flying through the sky, it's said that they get the urge to go on a journey