Of the Place I Was Born and the Place I Was Raised

My mom's going to leave me soon, tomorrow to be exact. So that means that I didn't get to meet her beforehand. Plus the fact that by next week even if I do finally have some free time to go back home, nobody is going to be there, not my father, not my sister, and certainly not my brother

That mean I'm stuck here for another three weeks then. Here in Shah Alam, not my home, just a place I'm staying for a while. Yeah, sure, the place is kind of great and cool here, and I get to meet a lot of nice people and have some awesome friends here. But Jitra holds many memories that I cherish inside my heart, and the only friend that I can call true friend is there also

So it's only natural that I would damn well miss my home. Perhaps it won't matter if I go back and stayed in my home alone. I can survive on my own, plus I don't need any company right now, heck I don't even feel like having one at all

I know I shouldn't be talking like this all negative and emo-ish. Plus now I have someone to reprimand me whenever I'm acting up like this, haha. I used to have my mom to do that for me, but as I grew more and more apart from home, only her advices and her doa seem to reach me

Yes, she's special. I didn't tell her much about me, as I did with other people, only what I deemed to be necessary. But somehow, she understand me in a way that I couldn't understand myself whenever I look in the mirror. Her words hurt me so much that I cry, yet it was the same one that could bring me back to my senses and be happy again

Because of her one of my vain wish was revived. I know I'm just a nobody to her, just another acquaintance or at least a friend to talk to, but yeah, right now she's become a part of me. To me, she's like a reflection of the unborn child that I had always wished to be here with me, the one I wished to fill up the loneliness in me

To that someone, I *cough cough* you. Erkh, it seems like all the ass-busting during the EIF program is starting to take it's toll on me. What I want to say is that, I *cough cough* you...

Really, I *cough cough* you

Oh crap. Haha :P


  1. LOL!! mmg crap! Let it outtt laaa! Ksian org tuh tunggu kot. HAHA!

  2. ehemmmmm, mesti da fikir pelik2 dah tu haha
    its nothing like you think laa