I Miss Something About Something

There's a lot to be reminded for us human, kan kan? Tun Dr. Mahathir himself has quoted that "Melayu Mudah Lupa", which means that we Malays are such a forgetful fellow. Plus, it is stated in the al-Quran that humans are created with two main flaws, one being that we are lazy, the other is that we are forgetful

With being forgetful can be related to many things in this life, I want to stress on the fact that one always forget that Allah is always there for you. There's a fine reason that He bestowed you with the gift of Life in this world. And He gives us many obstacles and challenges in this life for a good reason too. To sweat it is to be ungrateful of the thing that we never asked for, but is the perfect gift that we could never ever hoped of achieved from gaining from someone else

I forgot that Allah gives us dugaan in this life to teach us, or to show us something. I forgot that in the times of hardship that we get to find out the true nature of our friends. We get to know who is it that genuinely care for you, who is it that befriend you for something beneficial to them, who is it that only acts as your friend because they are forced to, who is it that may look indifferent but deep inside really care for you, who is it that has actually was separated from you, who is it that will ultimately stab you from behind

Yeah I forget things, sometimes something so dire that I feel so ashamed of it. Back then, should I ever forget anything, I'd have my mom to remind me of it. But now...

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