It's been such a long time since I played along with this tag thingy. And I never thought that I will ever do it again

Oh well

1- Apa yang bermain di fikiran anda sekarang??
A lot of things. That and that and that, craps and bullshits

2- Apakah nama samaran u'all?? ( =.=" )
Banyak~ Especially during sekolah menengah, but now I'd stick with just ariff

3- Berikan 3 orang yg u'all sayang...

4- Panggilan utk si DIA

5- Hadiah yg korang impikan dari seseorang istimewa..
Let's just leave it to that special someone to know ehh

6- Blog mane korang suke visit??
A lot. Especially those with really crafty penmanship

7- Tag kan kepada 15 org rakan blogger korang..
Sesiapa yg baca ni lah. I think since I last changed my url, nobody else had come here anymore except for a little few...


  1. u changed ur url n not telling me bout it!
    haishhh! sedih tau ;(

  2. haha. when i changed it, i didn't tell a soul about it
    didn't expect that some people still found it afterwards

  3. why? u dun want people to read ur blog ke?