Stars Above

Du grosses Gestirn! Was wäre dein Glück, wenn du nicht Die hättest, welchen du leuchtest!

You great star, what would your happiness be had you not those for whom you shine?
~Friedrich Nietzsche~

Have you ever once in your life, lie on a field somewhere during the night and just gaze into the star-filled sky, counting the bits and making out all the constellations? I don't know about other people, but when I was a kid back then, it's kind of my hobby, other than playing games. Which contributed to my early childhood insomnia back then

I would just gaze, and gaze and gaze, without putting much thought on why I would waste so much time of sleep hours just for the hours, mind you when I was a child like any other child I don't pretty much have any other worries in life. I would just continue gazing into the stars, with the time passing by and my body getting used to the cold breeze of the night...

All just because the stars were so mesmerizing, and they still are, and if not for the demanding needs and pressure of my life I would have surely had been wasting half of my life by now gazing at the stars

I guess it's a well known fact that their lights are originated from somewhere a heck lots of million light years away that the source of the light, which is the stars, might actually have died out, leaving only the starlight on our night sky. Isn't that just amazing, the way that something so magnificent could originate from a notion so hopeless it's downright depressing?

But then again, it's not so uncommon here in this world itself. If we just open our eyes and look at our surroundings, we can see a lots of things just happen that way. For example, a true mother will always love their children, no matter what their children do it will not dampen their love, even if their children are murderers or rapist or like. And that's just one example

Perhaps I can say that the starlight above us represents love in a way? The stars up in the sky might not even be there now, yet their light still reaches us, guiding us in our lives and inspiring hope and instilling happiness, even for just a bit and for a short while. Sometimes, when we are sad or depressed, we can just talk a walk outside, and when we watched the sky, we can smile for the sight of the stars above, and say Alhamdulillah for such a beautiful creation

All while the stars fade out, somewhere in the corner of the space far away. Unknown, and alone in infinite darkness. One hell of a sacrifice when we think about it ehh, should the stars be personified to have thoughts and feelings just like us humans

As for me, I really wish that I can be like the stars. To give something for the people that I really care about and love, even if it meant for me to lose every part of me. What would my happiness be had me not for those that I love?

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