Love Me Because of Allah, and I'll Love You the Same

So you know, I've heard this story from around the neighbourhood, and it's a true story. It's just a simple story, but amazing nevertheless, and I feel like sharing a bit :)

There's this man, and he's from Kelantan. He's happily married to a girl, and was blessed with many beautiful children. However, one day his short-lived happiness was cut short by an unfortunate event, where his wife got into an accident and was paralyzed from head to bottom. Such a tragedy would have broken any other man, but he somehow persevered, and went on to take care of his wife and his children dutifully. For one whole year, he tended to his wife's need. Every lunch break he'd rushed to the hospital, and in the evening right after he was finished he would go straight to the hospital and stayed there by his wife's side until tomorrow morning

His wife died eventually, leaving him and their children alone in this world. He went on to live as a single father, taking good care of his children and never got remarried again

There's this woman, and she's from Kedah. She's happily married to a man, and was blessed with many beautiful children. They were together for a very long time, having the luxury of watching their children to grow up perfectly and living the blessed life of husband and wife. However, one day her husband was struck down by a terrible disease and he was paralyzed from the middle all the way to the legs. He had to stay on a wheelchair 24/7, and because of that, he lost his job. For three whole years, she had to take care of him and put up with all his despair and disappointment all by herself

Her husband died eventually, leaving her alone in this world. Their children was all grown up and have a place of their own now, leaving her cursed to a world of loneliness

They are the perfect example of a loving human being, unselfish to the end. They stayed by their significant other, through every thick and thin, without asking for anything in return. And now, after everything that they had gone through, Allah meets them up together, and soon they will be married to each other. Isn't that just fair, a loyal person with another loyal one? :) Alhamdulillah, and Barakatullah always to them

I've heard from somewhere I can't remember that, whoever we are married to in this world will be with us at Syurga too, given that they love each other because of Allah. I've also heard that if we are married with so many person in this life, we will be with the best spouse in Syurga. I just can't help it but smile at such acknowledgment, wondering of who will accompany me, now and forever, literally

I know I'm still too young, too naive, and too inexperienced to even think about such matter. But should Allah grants me the chance of sharing this love, this eternity love, I will make the best out of it. Even if I'm meant to stay alone in this world, I know there's a reason for all of it, and there will be no regret in my heart

Now I'm letting go of the past, and live the life to the fullest, no more regret :D