Assalamualaikum wbt, and welcome...

Greetings put aside, let me tell you the truth. I'm not in the mood to write anything, pretty much lengthy post like I'm used to create before. One could see it coming, as my blog seems to be lame lately

Not to disappoint, myself at that particularly, I've got a new blog to follow. The author is actually the very first nephew I've ever got when I was little, at two months old. Imagine, we're about the same age, and he called me uncle. Wonder wonder. Oh yuh, his blog is a little bit jiwang, but perhaps you guys won't mind

Well, since I can't write now, gotta read somebody else's right?

Boring duk rumah, pi cc main spore ngan red alert 3 ja kejanya


  1. heh. in my case, i'm the anak saudara of a makcik a month older than me. kadang2 best. macam ada kembar =]

  2. haha wow
    imagine tht
    his mom, which is my sis
    has an uncle 3 years or something younger than her

  3. ariff..
    smpai ati x invite aku bce
    blog teddy for vodoo ko..
    sedih tau.. sobs3..='(

  4. ala, rilex ar..
    dgn aku pon nk b'rhsia..=p

    btw, cmne ko bt 2 blog under
    email yg sme ek???

  5. leee
    gi kt dashboard
    seblah manage blog tuhh
    klik create a bloggg