That feeling came over me again, the irresistible urge to go delete this blog, Myspace, Friendster, and go feeling bad about myself somewhere in a corner. So yuh, that's me in a way, a loser that is easily stressed out by loneliness and exaggerates his wound so others can sympathize with him

Thing is, my mom's not around here anymore. She went to Jakarta a few days ago, which should have included me but for some stupid reason, I'm ditched here alone in the house. Of course, my dad is a;sp here, but he only stays in the home 3 times a week, even with the absence of my mother. My sister, well, she's such a lazy sister and cook, I only bother going to her house so that I can play with her son and play the PS2. So yeah, basically I'm an 18 years old dude who have the whole house to himself (sometimes) and both a car and a motorbike ready to be used

Sounds like fun, the idea of such freedom isn't it?

Yet, all the euphoria of having the right to wander alone by your own free will stops there. I'm darn HUNGRY. No matter whenever my dad take me for lunch or dinner or I go to my sister's house or I just simply go anywhere I like to satisfy my hunger, it somehow never feels enough for me. Had to admit, since I was indulging my mum's cooking non-stop since the holiday started, I miss it now. Though, yuh, I've gained a few bulge here and there, I don't mind it even a little, in fact, I just don't care

To put it simply, I'm just lonely here, without my mum suddenly I felt like I've lost the center of my universe. Somehow, oh somehow, with her departure, somehow I feel like everything else seems to be going far away too. For example, the closest family member that I have now, which is my dad and sister. Remember the saying, so close yet so far away? Let just put it that way. So in a way, I visit the cyber cafe regularly, checking my Friendster and Myspace accounts...

But that's just stupid, hoping on something that isn't there in front of you

Harap2 sangat cuti kali ni cepat habis, dan mak balik la cepattt...


  1. come one. ure 18.
    this week i am all alone by myself.
    and others? haha! on vacation. evil. x]
    yet im still alive! hahaa. :D

  2. ko bisa evil skali yak
    bleh idup sorang2, x cam mcm hamba di sini

  3. fuyoo
    anak mak eh. hehe.
    hey,are you really 18? i thought ure in univ or somthing.

    btw, if im not mistaken,r u the one who is one my sis' YM?
    just wondering..

  4. haha im 18 n in u
    though not officially, yet

    i dont mess around other people's ym