I'm exhausted. Mentally, physically, totally. Writing this down and feeling like a total idiot that is desperate for attention doesn't even mean anything now. I'm just too damn exhausted to even care, I just want to write this one down

Everything's changing. Turning into a painful deja vu of what had happened during the drama period of the asasi year. Perhaps even worse. Cause this time around, I feel like screaming at everyone

"What the hell is wrong you guys?!"

I'm hurt. Nobody listens anymore. Mom's not here anymore, no one to call. Dad's gone, sis' way too busy with work

The peculiar thing is, I don't feel like giving it away just yet, unlike before. I'm not bitter, I'm not hateful, it's just that I feel ignorant. Ignorant of what is going on

And being ignorant is the worst thing that could happen to me. Especially now..

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