500 Days of Summer

Just watched 500 Days of Summer. Been wanting to do so since I knew that Zooey Deschanel acted in it haha. And you know, certain something sometime just can't help but to happen at the most crucial of time, the time where it hits straight at the heart

I love it at the beginning of the story. By the middle of it somehow I began to hate it. I began to hate it so much, because it's starting to reflect something in me. By the end of it, somehow I became glad to have watched it. I don't know why, but this particular story felt so close at heart, with the guy in the movie having so much similarities with me, and even the almost same situation

However, the guy in the movie became a better man in the end of the movie. He found the answer he's been looking for in his life. He found the freaking answer, which I hadn't been able to do so. He even moved on, despite all the love is fantasy and bullshit stint he was deluded in before, and found Autumn

Unlike me. The jerk who stays a jerk. And no, loneliness is not overrated as mentioned in the movie

It hurts. Like hell


  1. soon ko pn mght be endd up like tom kot..u know..meting kemarau,tengkujuh.dll

  2. seriously, the movie was kinda depressing kot.. especially with summer.. she was uncertain with everything.. but im glad i've watched it..

  3. amri~ gile lah, tuka2 baju aku stiap kali gtu
    sai~ yeah, glad is the word kan?
    still i love zoey deschanel :D