In a Nutshell

"You are on a lifelong quest for inner happiness and are driven by your personal values and passionately committed to making sure your beliefs and actions are congruent. You are flexible and tolerant of others unless a value is threatened. You seek to understand people and to help them fulfill their potential. You are empathetic and deeply care for those who you are close to, but it takes others a long time to get to know you. You are creative and curious and quick to see possibilities so you are a catalyst for implementing ideas and thinking outside of the box. You are deeply sensitive so when your feelings get hurt you are likely to keep it to yourself sometimes leading to resentment, rather than confronting people to talk about your feelings."

This is why I love psychology. Every line reflects what I see in myself, and it sure helped in me getting a grip on who I really am and embracing it. So this is me in a nutshell, no better way for me to describe


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