Wordless Wednesday, eh?

My sister Annies and her son Umar

They're always together, in whatever they do. Hardly ever got separated other than during school time, they are pretty much inseparable. Can you imagine, when Umar was away to his dad's kampung without my sis, he won't ever talk to my sister even when he misses her terribly. He would go into this merajuk state, and totally ignore my sis, only to cry and hug my sister without letting go when he comes back

I don't know why my sister won't have another child when Umar is already nearing 7 years old, but I know of better than asking, given how much my family like to keep secrets away from me. I think I know why, but it doesn't matter, as I just wish that they are happy, the both of them. Especially Umar, he's still young and innocent

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